Saturday, December 4, 2010

FIGURATIVE CERAMIC SCULPTURE/ 'Thalassa, Goddess of the Sea' by Eric Whollem/ Ceramic Goddess Sculpture/ A CERAMIC WALLPIECE/ Mythographic Mermaid Art/ Oxides on white earthenware clay

Thalassa, Goddess of the Sea
by Eric Whollem
oxides on white earthenware clay
Collection of the artist
8 6/8"

A Goddess of the Sea

This ceramic sculpture is given a name from the ancient Greek
milieu: Thalassa. This name is just one of many possible designations
of Sea Goddesses from the region of the Aegean.

Generally the Greeks 'humanized' the iconography of their divinities,
giving them completely human appearance. Exceptions exist, such as
Triton, who was depicted with a fish tail, or Persephone, who was
similarly rendered by Greek colonists in Southern Italy. . . in Calabria.

Mermaid Goddess sculptures of very ancient date exist on Cyprus, that
show Aphrodite with fish-like fins.


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