Thursday, March 11, 2010

THE WELL OF SENSATION/ mysticism of the element of water/ FIGURATIVE ABSTRACTION

The Well of Sensation
by Eric Whollem
watercolor and wax resist on  paper
Collection of the artist.
6" x 9"
Copyright by the artist.

A Byzantine Figure Study

The Well of Sensation incorporates a variety of
approaches to art. The landscape recalls Renaissance
art, while the figure, despite it's modernism, is a
reflection of studies of Byzantine art. The Byzantine
artists attempted to give their icons an otherworldly
aura. Light linear accents on a dark skin tone were

The sky in this work is embellished with ecstatic
dashes of broad color. These enliven the landscape.

This work is about the mysticism of water. Water
is usually a symbol of emotions and feelings, hence
the title of the piece.

The waters of our oceans, rivers and springs are
facing many difficulties today. We all should pray
for clean water for everyone on this planet.


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digital art
by Eric Whollem

Abstract art, mixed media painting, Byzantine art, clean water for the planet.

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