Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Parvati, A Goddess Stamp From Amphora/ Ceramic Sculpture/ Earth Paints

Empire of Amphora
by Eric Whollem
edition of 100, plus ten artist's proofs
48 x 79 mm.
Copyright by the artist.


This stamp depicts Parvati, consort of the Hindu God, Shiva.
The ceramic sculpture shown is painted with volcanic pumice
from Mt. Shasta. This is appropriate as Parvati is called "the
daughter of the mountain." This pumice is one of the many
earth paints that I use in my art.

Parvati is considered the creative will of Shiva. She is the
essence of shakti, or Goddess Energy in the Hindu system.

The coiled serpents in the border of this stamp's design
represent the power of Kundalini Yoga.

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