Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Minoan Goddess Artistamps/ Figurative Ceramic Sculpture/ Cycladic Influences

Empire of Amphora
by Eric Whollem
editon of 100, plus ten artist's proofs
48 x 79 mm.
Copyright by the artist.


This stamp from the land of Amphora, features a sculpture
I created in 1989. It is ceramic, glazed with a green raku glaze,
but also finished with oxides gathered by the artist in nature.

The sculpture was inspired by the art of ancient Minoa,
which is related to the Cycladic art of the Aegean Sea.

Marina is the second aspect of Aphrodite, and represents the
Matron, or Mother Goddess. Hence you will notice her child
born from the crown of her head. Her arms are like fins.

Aphrodite is an archetypical mermaid. The archaic clay
sculptures of Cyprus featured goddesses with fins. In my book,
The Mysteries of the Mermaids, I have illustrations of some
of  these clay figurines. Aphrodite legendarily was born from
a seashell off the coast of Cyprus.

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