Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mermaid Goddess Faux Postage/ Cretan Ceramic Sculptures by Whollem/ Earth Pigments From Nature

Empire of Amphora
by Eric Whollem
edition of 100, plus ten artist's proofs
48 x 79 mm.
Copyright by the artist.


On the faux postage stamp above is a sculpture I created in 1992.
Like many modern sculptors, I have been an admirer of the Cycladic
art of the ancient Aegean, and of the related culture of Minoa in
Moera is a Greek goddess of foreknowledge. She is related to
Aphrodite. The name Moira is a variation on Moera, which stems
from ancient terms for the Mother.

Moera is a Fate, or Fey, or Fay, an oracular goddess, associated
through Aphrodite to the sea, and as such could be designated a
mermaid. In Europe the Fata Morgana were considered prophetic
spirits of lakes and springs.


Moera is painted with earth pigments that I gathered in nature. The
red is an iron oxide. The beige is from volcanic pumice from Mt.
Shasta. The ochre color is from a sandstone deposit in the
Sacramento Valley near Pentz, California.

The clay body is terracotta. This sculpture currently is in a private


Stylized seahorses can be seen in the border elements of the stamp
above. Also a goddess can be seen in a ship with her long hair
flowing. The ship is horse-headed and has a fish-tailed rudder. This
sort of design was common in Phoenician ships of the Mediterranean.

The horse represents the power of the tides, the strength of Poseidon.
The two golden fish at the bottom of the stamp are the Abtu and Ant
fishes out of Egypt. These were considered very sacred. In Tibet
the two golden fishes are considered symbols of enlightenment. Carl
Jung, the modern psychoanalyst, wrote a classic work dealing in large
part with the symbolism of the Fish. Aion is thus one of this thinker's
better books.

My own book, The Mystery of the Mermaids, expands Jung's ideas.
I develop the idea that the mermaid is not just a symbol of the
unconscious, but may represent superconsciousness. Silver is the
symbol of the unconsciousness, according to Paul Foster Case; but
gold, and especially the golden mermaid, is a symbol of higher
awareness and realization.


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