Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Map of the Micronation of Amphora/ Cinderella Stamps by Eric Whollem/ A Metaphor for the Aquarian Age

                           A MAP OF THE EMPIRE OF AMPHORA
                                               by Eric Whollem


Amphora is a term that comes to us from the ancient
Greek language. It means chalice or vessel. Usually
amphorae were used to store water, oil, or wine.

In astrology Amphora is the old name for the sign of
Aquarius. Aquarius is designated as the Water Bearer,
and symbolized by a female figure holding a clay vessel.


My stamps from Amphora are thus stamps of the future,
as Aquarius is the Age of the Future. This age may indeed
be upon us right now. So, as postmaster general of the
Amphoran Postal Union, I decided to release these designs
to the outer world.

Featured on many of the stamps of Ampora are ceramic
sculptures that I have created. Many were done in the
last stages of the Piscean Era--the 1990's.

Amphora is an Empire that embraces a number of stamp
issuing countries: the Empire of Delphys, Undinia, Amphitritonia
and Merreminde. These lands' stamps are all valid under the
umbrella of the Amphoran Postal Union. But as cinderellas
they are not recognized by the so-called Universal Postal

(Cinderella stamps are stamps that have nothing to do
with the legendary figure of Cinderella from folklore, but
is applied by stamp collectors to non-postal stamps, which
include revenue stamps, charity labels, as well as fantasy
stamps created by artists. The term artistamp has become
a common designation of the latter issues. Stamp collectors also
use the term phantom to describe fantasy countries' stamps.)

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