Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dolphin Goddess Artist Stamps/ A Ceramic Sculpture With Earth Paints/ Atargatis

Empire of Amphora
by EricWhollem
edition of 100, plus ten artist's proofs
48 x 79 mm.
Copyright by the artist.


Atargatis, meaning "Starwhale," was a Neareastern Sea Goddess.
She ruled the Zodiac and the fertility of the crops. She was mother
of the dolphins and the whales. She is of major importance in world

Her husband was lord of the crabs. He is also known as the Sea
Ram, and associated with the astrological sign Aries. His prototype
is Ea, the Mesopotamian merman.

Atargatis was worshipped at sacred pools in the desert of the ancient
Nabateans. She is related to Astarte and Tara, as well as the
Egyptian Hathor and the Carthaginian Tanit. Tanit was especially
noteworthy as a dolphin goddess.


The ram horns on the head of the sculpture depicted on
this stamp represents the concept of the "Ram of the
Sea."  This refers to the white woolen appearance of
sea foam, the wool that is woven by the "weavers of the
sea," which are the Fates. The Fates were originally the
three aspects of the mermaid goddess Aphrodite. The
moon is the spindle of the weavers. The weavers of the
sea reappear in Celtic lore as the selkies.

Atargatis is related to the Empress of Tarot.


The sculpture seen on this stamp was made in
1992. I utilized earth pigments that I gathered in
nature to make the paints that colorize the piece.
The work is now in a private collection. See more
of my ceramic works on this blog.

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