Sunday, October 17, 2010

ARTISTAMPS FROM GONDWANALAND/ Early Antique Word Processor Print Master Cinderella Stamps by Eric Whollem/ FAUX POSTAGE FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME/ Philatelic Archaeology/ A Preshistoric Micronational Post Office/ CAVE MAIL/ Featuring the story of Gwog, the first Postmaster General of the Continent of Gondwanaland

Prehistoric Stamps From Twentieth Century Philatelic Archaeology

In truth these stamps were first issued in black and white, printed off
an old word processor. They are among my first attempts at stamp
design. The huge pixels are indicative of 1980's state of the art word
processor graphics programs. The reprinting in 2005 incorporated
hand coloring and collage borders of cut paper finished to size. The
final stamps were gummed by hand and perforated with a die cutter.
1999 saw the inception of my artist stamps. I did not get my first
modern computer until 2009, at which point I began my recent
series of digital art imagery, which, of course, includes artistamps,
most of which are currently issued in cybertsamp format.

See a primitive example of my first efforts at stamp design off my
old word processor here on this Riga Stamps website:

                       A video about GONDWANALAND STAMPS.


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Artistamps, cinderella stamps, faux postage,
mail art, micronation stamps.


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