Saturday, August 7, 2010

FAUX POSTAGE STAMPS FROM LEMURIA/ 'The Sylph'/ Featuring a map of 'Eastern Lemuria' or ancient California/ THE LOST CONTINENT OF LEMURIA/ Mt. Shasta folklore/ Visionary art depicting giant Lemurs, mermaids, and Mastodons/ A cyberstamp from the Lemurian Postal Administration/ A CINDERELLA BY ERIC WHOLLEM

The Sylph
Lemurian Postal Administration
by Eric Whollem
Copyright by the artist

A Map of Lemuria: the Great Inland Sea

This stamp depicts a portion of my Lost Continent of Lemuria map,
that section showing middle California. 'The Mountains of the West'
are the Coast Range.

'The Great Inland Sea' is recognized by modern science, as the
Sacramento Valley is laced with beds of fossil sea shells. However
a bit of my presentation is imaginative: I show giant Lemurs and
mermaids. Esotericists on the subject of Lemuria say that the
Lemurian human population was composed of androgynous
mermaids. See the teachings of Rudolf Steiner on this point:
his book, 'Egyptian Myths and Mysteries.'

For more about Steiner's ideas see:

And Wikipedia's 'Lemuria  (Continent)' article might be of interest.

Lemurian stamp video.                                                                              

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