Monday, July 19, 2010

FAUX POSTAGE STAMPS/ A single stamp from a minisheet of four CYBERSTAMPS from the micronation of Urissakzillia/ FIGURATIVE ABSTRACTION

Muse of the Wilds
Republika Urissakzillia 2010
by Eric Whollem
Copyright by the artist

Stamps From the Urissakzillian Mint

The artist's micronation of Urissakzillia has it's own government
printing house, the Urissakzillian Mint, which works in cooperation
with the Cinderella Printing House Ltd. The Urissakzillian Mint
is in an archaic fortress on an island in the Lake of the Daymoon. 
The capital city of Urissakzillia is Namsel. The currency system is
based on the Urissakzillian Thaler, which is worth 100 Kronik. 


The Urissaks are a proud people, descended from a race of 
fairy folk from the continent of Eronyk. This land with it's towering
mountains, harbors a splendid habitat of dense forests.

The Urissakzillian Republic is different from many fairy realms
insofar as it is a democracy, rather than a kingdom.

The Urissak Monarchy collapsed a hundred years ago, due 
mostly to the laughing fits that plagued the court. The wise
women from the forest recommended a remedial period of
democracy until such time as the fairy aristocracy gained it's


The Urissakzillian Postal Authority was established
only this year with this first postal issue. Stamps were seen
as a sensible measure to help generate political equilibrium.

Depicted on the first postal issue of Urissakzillia is 'The Muse
of the Wilds,' a reformist fairy who has led the Urissaks in their
political experiment. Wisely she has not recommended postal
recognition by the Universal Postal Union (of the outer world
ruled by human beings), for the realm of Cinderella Stamp
users has been arguably the best niche for Urissakzillian letter
communications, as there the ephemeral and the etheric blend
in a more perfect harmony.

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