Friday, July 30, 2010

ARTIST POSTER STAMPS/ Figurative Ceramic Goddess Sculpture/ 'Moera' by Eric Whollem/ Selvage Typology of a CYBERSTAMP

Copyright by the artist 2010

A Poster Stamp for the Twenty-First Century

Although the classic period of poster stamps is over, the
digital medium of today provides the artist with the means
to create numerous color and textural variations for his

The late nineteenth and early twentieth century saw a vast
array of brilliant graphic design in the stamp medium--
especially in the genre of poster stamps.


Selvage is one general name for the margins of a stamp
sheet. Some collectors pay attention to selvage typologies,
and collect stamps with 'wings.'

'Wings' is a philatelic term for such selvage when left in
conjunction with a stamp.

For an interesting article on the classic poster stamps of yesteryear see:

Poster stamps, cinderella stamps, artist stamps, artistamps. Digital art.

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