Sunday, June 27, 2010

BECKONING FROM THE SEA/ mixed media digital art/ MERMAID ART/ Clean Water For the Planet

                                      Beckoning From the Sea
                                      by Eric Whollem
                                      mixed media digital art
                                                               Copyright by the artist

A Mermaid's Prayer:

This image is another of my more 'realistic' images of
the mermaid form, a mixed media drawing, enhanced
by digital means.

During recent years I have dedicated a number of my
works to the ideal of 'CLEAN WATER FOR THE PLANET.'
Perhaps to some this may be very idealistic, especially as
we have entered into a time period when toxins in the water
are on everyone's mind, and people are seeking a practical
solution to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, etc.

People in many countries do not have clean water to drink.
In Bangladesh, for example, arsenic is in most people's drinking

It is my humble belief that visualization can be a form of prayer.
By focussing on the positive, perhaps a pathway to practical
results can be given a chance to manifest. This is a belief held
by many who respect the shamanistic traditions of humanity.

Selkies, mermaids, digital art.

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