Monday, March 22, 2010

THE LOTUS POOL/ the lotus born divinities of Asia: with a few comments on the Apsaras and the Gandharvas of the Land of Mist/ mixed media digital art

              The Lotus Pool
              by Eric Whollem
              mixed media digital art
                 Copyright by the artist

The Water Lotus

Mermaids are generally reckoned to be of two basic
categories: the Nereids, or mermaids of the salt sea; and
Naiads, or mermaids of fresh waters, such as lakes, springs,
wells, and rivers. 

In India the lotus seat of the gods and goddesses are called
Pushpaka. The great Goddess Lakshmi was born on a lotus
in the Milk Ocean. Innumerable examples of lotus-born
divinities can be found in the arts of the Buddhists and Hindus.

Generally the Apsaras, the consorts of the Gandharvas of the
Mist, are considered the generic mermaids of Vedic lore. In
the Rig Veda the Land of Mist in the origins of the world was
inhabited by these beings. The Gandharvas are the celestial

Mythology, abstract art, clean water for the planet, metaphysical art; undines.


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