Sunday, February 7, 2010

VIKING VILLAGE/ A Pictographic Image: Earth Pigments and Watercolor/ FIGURATIVE ABSTRACT PAINTING


                                             Viking Village
                                             by Eric Whollem
                                             earth pigments, casein and watercolor on paper
                                             Collection of the artist.
                                             14" x 10 7/8"
                                               Copyright by the artist.                    Click on image to enlarge


This painting is a fantasy rendition of an old Viking village.
The Vikings were the aristocratic class of old Scandinavia.
They were worhsippers of Odin. The commoners often
were devotees of Thor, the popular god.

The Vanir, were the goddess worshippers of Scandinavia.
They respected seers and visionaries.

Those interested in anthropology might like to further
research these topics. A lot of ideas about the Vikings
are misrepresentations of historical facts. It is not
commonly known that some Viking sea captains were
women, one of the most famous being the Red Maiden.

Abstract art, mixed media painting, Vikings, Vanir, Thor, Odin.

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