Monday, February 1, 2010

THE FOREST OF HANDS/ A Pictogaphic Evocation of Nature/ Abstract Art/ FIGURATIVE ABSTRACTION

"Plants are feeling beings."           

    Forest of Hands
    by Eric Whollem
    mixed media on paper
    7 3/8" x 9 5/8"
    Collection of the artist
                                                 Copyright by the artist.


This painting is a fine example of what some might call
anthropomorphic projection, which is to say the application
of human traits to objects or beings in the world.

As to whether this is "just" a projection is a matter of opinion.
Some people might take phylogenetic studies of the progession
of the embryo in the womb as an example of how animal species
are all interrelated with common evolutionary ancestors. This is
a scientific example of how some species bear traits that are
attributed to other species.

One philosopher stated that the stars are in our brains. And the
poet said that none of us are islands and that all of us are "part
of the main."

Emoto, the Zen Buddhist author of Messages in Water, developed
the idea that water takes on the thoughts and feelings of people.
He did photographic studies of ice crystals demonstrating how
blessing energy, harmonious music, and good thoughts can influence
the shapes of frozen water crystals.

There have been studies of plant life, showing that plants respond
to human emotion, music and other sounds.

All beings are interrelated. Everything feels.

This painting depicts how plants are feeling beings.

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