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Stamps From the Lost Continent of Lemuria/ Map of Lemuria

A Map of Lemuria. Copyright by the artist.

by Eric Whollem

Originally the stamps of Lemuria were mental "holograms" of a sort
applied by a projection of thought.

The stamps you see here, of paper and gum, are from the Late
Lemurian Period when matter reached  a degree of condensation
not dissimilar to our own time. (Classical Theosophical and
Rosicrucian thinkers originated these notions of evolutionary

               A video by Eric Whollem, 2011

When humanity entered the Atlanean Epoch, the aetherial forms
of Lemurian life were said to be made solid and three dimensional.

I have issued these stamps to relate to the outer world the
folklore of Mt. Shasta from the 19th century to our day.

            A video about Lemuria by Eric Whollem, 2011

Subsequent to the publication of "A Dweller on Two Planets"
a book was published by the Rosicrucians in the 1930's,
describing the continent of Lemuria. At that time what
were believed to be Lemurians in white robes appeared
in the town of Mt. Shasta, paying for food with gold

Helene Blavatsky's theosophical writings about Lemuria
and the Ascended Masters were one of the biggest
contributions to legends and folklore of the Mt.
Shasta area. Her book, "The Secret Doctrine," outlines
her views on the lost continent of Lemuria.

      "Phylos the Tibetan"
      Lemurian Postal Service
by EricWhollem
    50 x 88 mm. 
 Copyright by the artist.


This stamp features Phylos, who was a character in the 19th century metaphysical novel,
"Dweller on Two Planets." This book dealt mostly with Atlantis, but was written at Mt.
Shasta, California. It is believed to be  a psychically channeled work which gives the
teachings of the Tibetan mystic, Phylos.

My stamp design incorporates a collage of a photo of Shasta superimposed with a
ceramic amulet created by the artist. This pendant is now in a private collection, but
is one of many hundreds of similar ceramic works created since 1989.

I have utilized many of the natural earths of the Mt. Shasta area in the making of earth
paints for use on my ceramics as well as paintings on panel. Volcanic ash burns out in
a kiln firing, so many of  my ceramic pieces utilize volcanic paints as a final touch,
using polymer emulsion as a binder.

to the Gnome's Lair in Eastern Lemuria
Eric Whollem
fantasy stamp cover
copyright by the artist


"The Stamps of Old Lemuria" by Eric Whollem, was privately published by the author in
2001. It is now out of print. It featured signed and numbered copies of a number of Eric's
Lemurian stamps in protective acetate sleeves.


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