Tuesday, August 18, 2015

CONCOW MAIDU MYTHOLOGY/ 'Kuksu' by Eric Whollem/ Natural Earth Pigments on a Wooden Panel/ Collection of Herb Puffer

earth pigments on wooden panel
Eric Whollem
collection of Herb Puffer
copyright by the artist

Kuksu is the name of the First Man. He was born of mud up on Table Mountain in Butte County, California, according to the legends of the Concow Maidu Indians.

There with Morningstar, his bride, they began the first human family on earth.

Later there arose a Dream Society based on the stories of Kuksu. A religion arose called 'Kuksu,' which is practised today by members of the Maidu, Nisenan, Wintun, Pomo, Cato, Miwok, and Patwin.

The late Herb Puffer was the director of the Pacific Western Traders in Folsom, California, where he was known for his big Pow Wows for artists among all groups of California Indians. Mr. Puffer is known for his philanthropy in donating to numerous cultural groups of California. For example, he helped the Yokuts Indians of the San Joaquin Valley in getting traditional costumes for their dance troup.

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