Friday, April 24, 2015

PARAPHILATELIC CYBERMAIL/ A Letter to the Moon From Gondwanaland/ VIRTUAL STAMP COVER/ Gondwana Cinderella Stamps/ CYBERMAIL ART

Eric Whollem
virtual stamp cover
copyright by the artist


After Time Travel was successfully completed between the Moon and the ancient civilization of Gondwanaland, the use of the Loonese Warp Facilitator, a device allowing mail to be sent to any place in time, was developed in Gondwanaland. The only glitch was not knowing the names and addresses.

The Gondwana called their time warp mail delivery system the Paleowarp Facilitator.

The Republic of the Moon, recognizing the Gondwana desire for communications, sent a complete list of Loonese paraphilatelists to the Gondwana Postal Administration. Thus a new era of pen pals arose.
This greatly influenced the course of history.

faux postage stamp from Gondwanaland
Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist


Aelurus was the first Time Traveler from the Moon. He is seen here in the petroglyphs of Gondwanaland depicted on this stamp, issued a billion years ago. Warponaught, like our word, Astronaut, indicates a space traveler. As time and space are pretty much the same thing.

Though the first expedition of Aelurus was a failure, his second was a phenomenal success. The Gondwana Loonese Postal Union was established and relations flourished between the countries.

Gondwana stamps are a bit more traditional than those of the Moon, utilizing dehydrated peterodactyl wing paper and extra virginal dinosaur inks, etc. while the stamps of the moon, after the great paper shortage of 2210 were printed on nanoplastic papers, from ores mined on the moons of Neptune and elsewhere in space.

The Loonese, or inhabitants of Loona, the location of the Republic of the Moon, were originally philatelists from earth, who seeing a decline in the use of stamps on earth, a planet plagued by anti-philatelic attitudes, migrated to the moon, not as colonists, but rather as people seeking philatelic freedom. Their logo is the Lunar Cinderella, known also as Lunar Liberty.