Tuesday, May 5, 2015

BOOBIE COURIER POST/ Cybermail Art by Eric Whollem/ FAUX POSTAGE STAMPS/ 'Opened by Mistake in Boobton' cancel on a damaged five pound packet

Eric Whollem
faux postage cybermail art
copyright by the artist


The contents of this packet was unfortunately lost in the mails in Boobton. A pity that they did not insure the packet. Another good strike of the rare 'OPENED BY MISTAKE IN BOOBTON' cancel. LOL

This cover has a variety of stamps and cancellations:1)The diamond shaped cancel from Blythe's Boobie Hatch, the outfit that has developed this form of mail delivery. 2) The Buto Customs Service cancel. 3) The 'Caution Lead Plate Within' stamp [this letter was sent to the Requisitions Department of Tubbuwapp Dental College]. 4) The 'Opened by Mistake in Boobton' cancel [and tell tale taped edge]. 5) A postal cancellation from Utti, a town in the autonomous region of Alaya north of Buto.

This cover apparently originated at the Boobie Courier Station in Utti and was sent by boobie across the waters back home to the Isle of Buto.

The stamps on this cover include a definitive issue of Alaya, showing Manco Capac and, of course a selection of Blythe's Boobie Courier Service triangle stamps, denominated at One Bit post paid. A pencil notation on the cover '5 lbs/ 5 bits' gives us insight into the postal rates for Boobie Courier parcels.

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