Thursday, August 11, 2011

WHIMSICAL IDEOGRAMS/ 'Characters With Tonal Polarities' by Eric Whollem 1983/ A color drawing based on Asian shamanic calligraphy and prehistoric California pictographs

Characters With Tonal Polarities
by Eric Whollem
India ink and gouache on paper
9" X 6"
Copyright by the artist

This drawing represents my studies of calligraphic art.
Both Asian shamanic calligraphy and California rock art
stylizations are reflected in the images above.

The references to tonal polarities, of course, indicates the
ideology of Yin and Yang found in Chinese calligraphy.
The author Lazlo Lageza, a Hungarian, wrote an interesting
book some time ago on Taoist and Confucian shamanic
drawings traditional in China: 'Tao Magic.'


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