Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MEADOWS MENTAL/ A visionary figurative abstraction by Eric Whollem/ CONTEMPORARY PICTOGRAPHIC ART/ With notes on 'THE MENTAL PLANE'

Meadows Mental
by Eric Whollem
mixed media on  paper
9" x 6"
Copyright by the artist


Esoteric metaphysics posits the Mental Plane above the
Astral Plane. The Mental Plane is characterized by thought forms,
reason and intellect, while the Astral Plane is conceived as a
dimension of feeling.

In visualizations among Hindu yogic practitioners the Mental
Plane is seen as a realm where the forms of Gods and Goddesses
appear to the yogi.

'Meadows Mental' is a painting that imaginatively recreates this
realm of the gods, seeing them as winged angels.

Buddhist theology places a yet higher dimension above the
Mental Plane, calling it Dharmakaya. Each system of spirituality
has a different name for these planes of being.


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