Sunday, May 15, 2011

EARLY WORKS FROM FEATHER FALLS/ 'Sprite' by Eric Whollem, 1972/ mixed media on paper/ A Figurative Abstraction

by Eric Whollem
mixed media on paper
4 5/8" x 7 1/4"

An Early Work by Eric Whollem

This image was painted in Feather Falls, California, in the
summer of 1972. It was one of a series of watercolors that
I painted at Black Earth Village. My Concow Maidu Indian
friend, Robert Steidl, had invited a number of his high school
friends to stay for the summer in the little house next door
to his aged grandfather, Bob Jackson.

Bob Jack, as he was called, used to sit out under the walnut
tree, where friends and neighbors would come to call. He
amazed us young fellows, insofar as he believed the world
was flat. He had been born in the village site that used to
exist on the trail into Feather Falls proper.

Feather Falls is the second highest waterfall in the continental
United States. The trail head was only two miles or so up the
road from Black Earth Village. The swimming holes and
camping sites on Fall River are quite wonderful.

This ancient village site was imbued with magical energy.
An old Model A Ford sat in the front yard. Old Victrolas
with stacks of old time music were still present in the
houses at that time. We indulged ourselves in our youthful
follies, among which was trying to brew beer from scratch.
Our experiment was not a success, as the bottles blew up
when opened.

There was a huge garden that encompassed the few houses
that remained at Black Earth Village. Huge quantities of
vegetables and fruit were had by all.

This painting, 'The Sprite,' represents the spirit of the garden.


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