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FIGURATIVE ABSTRACTION/ 'Village of the Coyote' by Eric Whollem, 1985/ A modern art depiction of traditional Native American Indian lore~Coyote Legends/ Notes on Concow Maidu Lore on Henokano, the Trickster Coyote/ CONTEMPORARY ABSTRACT ART

Village of the Coyote
by Eric Whollem
mixed media on paper
15" x 21 1/4"



Coyote is called Henokano by the Concow Maidu Indians of
Butte County, California. Coyote, of course, is featured in the
legends of numerous Native American people.

According to the Maidu, Henokano was one of three archetypical
beings who floated on a raft in a great ocean at the beginning of
time. Turtle, or Ultrama, was there. Also Wonomi, or Earth


Coyote is conceived of as a trickster. The Maidu stories tell us
that originally the stars were placed in an attractive pattern in
the sky~but Henokano scattered them in a disorderly manner.

Today at Little Bald Rock in Butte County, one can see Coyote's
wife. She is a large triangular shaped  granite boulder.

Coyote is also remembered in stone by the Concow Maidu. He
appears on Table Mountain above Oroville, California, laying next
to Lizard. Not far off is a large stone that is Wonomi, the Earth Initiate.
These stones are basaltic lava formations.

In some Native American views, the trickster energy is parcel of
the mindset of a shaman. A shaman is often a clown, creating
mock situations that ultimately lead to healing through humor.


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