Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CONTEMPORARY ART/ 'Fugue on Manganese' by Eric Whollem/ A Pictographic Abstraction/ Mixed media on paper, incorporating earth pigments in polyvinyl resin

Fugue on Manganese
by Eric Whollem
watercolor, gouache, earth pigments
and polyvinyl resin on paper
17 7/8" x 14"
Collection of the artist

An Abstraction From the 1970's

This is an early work of mine. It harmonizes geometric rhythms with
organic shapes. Bach's musical work, 'Die Kunst der Fugue,' has long
been one of my favorite classical pieces. I used to paint listening to
Bach, Hayden and Mozart frequently in the 1970's.

I also began listening to international ethnic music. Aboriginal
Australian djeridu, Zen sakahuchi, and Central Asian melodies all
contributed to my mood.


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