Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LAXMI/ Ceramic Hindu Goddess Sculpture by Eric Whollem/ Volcanic earth paints from Mt. Shasta on white earthenware clay/ FIGURATIVE CERAMIC SCULPTURE

by Eric Whollem
volcanic pumice from Mt. Shasta
on white earthenware clay
Private collection

The Goddess Laxmi as She Appears on My Cinderella Stamp Editons From Amphora

About ten years ago I produced some limited editon faux
postage stamps (or cinderella stamps), which bore images
of my ceramic Goddess sculptures. These stamps appeared
in a stamp book, now out of print, entitled, 'The Mermaids of
Amphora.'  In this book I explored the relationship of the
symbolism of 'water' to the Goddess concept. One of the ancient
symbols of the Goddess are zig zag lines representing the
aquatic element. Marija Gimbutas, in her book, 'The Language
of the Goddess,' goes into this in depth.

In ancient Egypt 'Mer' was the name given to the Goddess from
early times. The word 'mer' means both mother and water.

Innumerable Goddesses have thus been aquatic in nature. And
mermaids themselves are very sacred in many cultures.

In the Puranas of India all things were born of Sri, the Goddess who
manifested in the Milk Ocean at the beginning of time. Laxmi is
often described as the consort of the creator God Brahma. She is
the Goddess of Fortune.

by Eric Whollem
Edition of 100, plus ten artist's proofs

Mt. Shasta Earth Used for Ceramic Pigmentation

This sculpture of Laxmi was painted with volcanic ash paint,
gathered near Mt. Shasta, California. Volcanic earths do not
adhere when fired in a kiln, as they contain no kaolin, or clay
body. Thus I have utilized acrylic emulsion as the binder for the
paint, which was applied after firing. This produces an enduring
paint that is waterproof.

In the cultures of many countries, especially of Mesoamerica,
ceramic sculptures are painted after firing.

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