Friday, October 15, 2010

'TWO MERMAIDS ON A FLOWER' by Eric Whollem/ MYTHOLOGY OF THE MERFAIRIES/ A line drawing interpreted through mixed media/ DIGITAL ART ABSTRACTION

Two Mermaids on a Flower
by Eric Whollem
mixed media digital art


The Merfairyfolk of the Vale of Blossoms

The Merfairies are well known by devoted estoericists of the
mermaid phenomenon. Mermaids are depicted with wings in
many artistic renderings.

There are a number of well-known mythic references to the
fairy flies. The dracs of France are an order of river Naiad,
said to be linked to the dragonflies.

The damsel flies are one of the most intriguing insects of the
dragonfly order. They live in waterfalls and are intrepid
swimmers as well as fliers, dodging in and out of the raging
falls where they love to have their home.

The Indonesians depict their mermaids with wings as well as
fish tails. Some Celtic artists give their mermaids wings.

My art above shows two merfairies seated on a flower blossom.
They are not winged yet, being in the chrysalis stage of their
fairy existence. They have third eyes, better to see in the other
dimension where they have their being. These fairies are Naiads,
or spirits of the springs. They are Undines, or denizens of the
watery element.


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