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MERMAID & SEAHORSE ART/ Maltese Rock Art/ MEDITERRANEAN MYTHOGRAPHY/ The Unicorn of the Sea/ ATARGATIS/ 'Temple of the Sea Snake'/ Figurative Abstraction/ ABSTRACT COLLAGE ART/ 'Hippocampus' by Eric Whollem

Hippocampus & the Sea Temple
by Eric Whollem
collage art
Collection of the artist

The Temples of Malta

This drawing was inspired by the stone temples of Malta in the
Mediterranean. There are huge boulders that have been anciently
pecked and grooved with pits over their surfaces. This is a sort of
rock art, but rock art done on large stones moved into architectural
positions, rather than the normal rock art found in natural settings
where the arrangement of the rocks is in the hands of nature.

The above collage shows a mermaid priestess communing with the
Sea Horse God. This deity is named Voltumna by the ancient
Etruscans. The Sea Horse is a chimaera, a being that represents a
multiplicity of beings in itself.

The Temples of Malta were sacred to the Eternal Feminine, the
Goddess principle. A major ancient Mermaid Goddess with a fish
tail was Atargatis, the Starwhale dolphin mother Goddess of the
in the Near Eastern coastal deserts of the Nabateans.

The Unicorn of the Sea

The Sea Horse in the above piece has a single horn on it's brow.
It is the Unicorn of the Sea. As such it has a correspondance to
Pandemos, the dove manifestation of Aphrodite, her virgin form,
the White Goddess.

The Stone columns in the Temple of the Sea are huge fish dolmens.
A  dolmen is a large boulder turned upright as a sacred marker.
Such dolmens are exemplified in the pillars of Stonehenge, but are
also found in great numbers through Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland,
and other countries as far afield as New England in America.


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