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A MAP OF SASQUATCHIA/ Big Foot Artistamps by Eric Whollem/ A Sasquatch Micronation/ An early cinderella stamp by Eric Whollem/ With notes on Sasquatch culture, national products, favorite foods and pastimes

Wug Wug
by Eric Whollem
gummed and perforated faux postage stamp


Map of Sasquatchia
by Eric Whollem
mixed media digital art

Notes on the Empire of Sasquatchia

Philapedalphia is the capital city of Sasquatchia. There are many
outposts of the Sasquatch across the globe, but the highest civilized
society of the Sasquatch is found on the island seen in the map above.
Wug Wug, seen on the stamp above, is the Mayor of Philapedalphia.

Philapedalphia means 'The City of the Love of Feet,' thus roughly
translated from the Greek. The Sasquatch name of the capital is
unpronouncible in English, as vocal tones possible for Big Foot are
not easily rendered in modern linguistic approximations. There is
absolutely no connection between Sasquatchia and Pennsylvania,
except for the huge influx of Dutch American tourism since the
publication of this map. The Pennsylvanians have set up an embassy
on the shores of Eep Bay to accomodate their travelling populace.

The Pneumatic Research Facility near Philapedalphia is the place
where they developed their modern technology used in their postal
delivery: the pneumatic lava tubes used to deliver the mails. These
tubes are empowered by the exhalations of breath from the lungs of
sturdy postal workers.

The Blow Cave is the main Post Office of Sasquatchia. Letters blown
from this site are easily transported to the Red Cave or to the Kave
Korners Postal Facilities in the south of Sasquatchia. Thus far no
mail has been successfully sent to Pennylvania by Pneumatic Delivery.
A contingent of scientists from Pittsburgh is currently negotiating the
concept of a suboceanic pneumatic tube to expedite the international


The Great Hairy Ocean is so named by the Sasquatch for the finely
textured seaweed that is found there in abundance. It is harvested
for food along with the copious shell fish of the northern coast. Fuzzy
Waters is the main site of the freshwater fishing industry of  the
empire. Prehistoric gar fish are found there in abundance, one of the
delicacies of Sasquatch cuisine.

Eep Bay is the site of many luxury resorts for retired Big Feet, while
Wookytown and Kootchy City vie for prominence as cultural centers
for Sasquatch youth. Wookytown is not named in traditional Sasquatch
language, but there has been an influence here by DVDs brought into
Sasquatchia by entrepeneurs seeking to establish international trade.

Rock City is the industrial captial of Sasquatchia, where chipped
limestone blocks are exported to Sasquatch marketing centers among
the tribes of the mainland. The Empire of Sasquatchia maintains a
fine fleet of merchant ships that regularly sail the Uk Uk Sea.

The Great Dirty Desert is a favorite site for dust bathing by Big Feet
of all ages, while the snow capped hills of the Ook Wook Mountains
have traditionally been the source for ice for manufacture of that
old fashioned sarsparilla sherbet so loved by all. Boog Sherbet has
the most famous sherbet in Sasquatchia and has outlets all across the


Currently the Commonwealth of Sasquatchia is a member nation of
the United Aethernet Nations. And the stamps of Sasquatchia are
considered internationally valid among members of the Amphoran
Postal Union.


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