Friday, October 1, 2010

CERAMIC MERMAID GODDESS SCULPTURE/ 'The Lady of the Waters' by Eric Whollem/ FIGURATIVE CERAMIC ART/ Oxides on white earthenware clay

Lady of the Waters
by Eric Whollem
oxides on white earthenware clay


The Lady of the Waters

This sculpture bears a measure of ressemblance to the arts
of Mesoamerica, especially with the disc earrings. I have
attempted to evoke the mileau of ancient Peru with this
piece, as I had been studying Manco Capac and Macma Occlo,
the first of the Inca rulers. The name, 'Lady of the Waters,'
appears in Central Asia as a reference to a Goddess found
in the shamanic traditions of that continent.

The Peruvian legends mentioned above concern the dolphin
people, said to have arisen from the waters of Lake Titicaca.
The waters of Lake Titicaca are saline, having once been a
part of the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago.

Certain stylizations in this piece gives it my own personal
artistic flavor--the rectilinear eyes and the decorative
indented patterns, which to my mind suggest those types
of forms found on seashells or other objects washed by
the sea.


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