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VISIONARY FAUX POSTAGE/ 'Rainforests of the New World' /A discussion of the terms Aether and Ether/ Cinderella fairy artist stamps from the United Aethernet Nations/ ENVIRONMENTAL CYBERSTAMPS/

The Rainforest
United Aethernet Nations
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist

A Visualization for the New World

These stamps from the United Aethernet Nations are part of my
micronational project involving positive affirmations for the New
Age. A 'micronation' is a country developed by an imaginative
artist--a fantasy realm.

Basically I depict the Rainforest as it should be: lush and verdant,
flowers in full bloom--with a wood nymph proferring her blessing.

The art here is digitial serial art, showing those color and textural
variations found on computer graphic programs. My color sense on
the pair of stamps above is decidedly 'fauvist' or 'expressionistic.'


The Amphoran Postal Union which sponsors these designs is so named
because the old name for Aquarius is Amphora. The Waterbearer,
which is the symbol of Aquarius, is usually depicted holding an
amphora, or water vessel. In the early 2000's I developed a number
of micronations from the Continent of Amphora, such as Amphitritonia,
Undinia, Merreminde and Delphys. Amphora also has issued cinderella
stamp editions, often featuring my ceramic sculptures.

The United Aethernet Nations utilizes the city of New Urak in Amphora
as it's international headquarters. The Amphoran Postal Union
is similar to the Universal Postal Union, in that it regulates the mails
between member nations, which in this case are, of course, my own
imaginary stamp issuing countries. Not all of these countries are on
the Continent of Amphora; many are islands. Urissakzillia is on the
Continent of Eronyk. The Republic of the Moon is in Outer Space.

Instead of bemoaning the defoliation of the forests of the world, the
United Aethernet Nations, guided by fairy wisdom, seeks to promote
a beneficent future through the mystic process of creative vision.

See Wikipedia's article on Affirmations, if you will.

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The Rainforest
United Aethernet Nations
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist

This stamp from the Rainforest sheet has a golden background--
to exemplify the wealth of positive thinking.

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The Rainforest
United Aethernet Nations
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist

The Aethernet

The 'aethernet' as I use the term applies to the realm of fairy related
information found on the internet. This also is inclusive of psychic
or spiritual data that relates to the astral and mental planes. 

The term 'aethernet' should not be confused with the 'ethernet' which is
the realm of purely elecronic data systems.

The Aether is an older expression used to describe the heavenly realms;
it is utilized also to describe that world in which fairies have their being.
The word Ether has had a variety of meanings over the years in accord
with changing scientific nomenclature. The Hindus anciently conceived
the Ether as the dimension of Sabda or Sound Vibrations.

My posts that deal with the United Aethernet Nations can be found on this link:

The Rainforest
United Aethernet Nations
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist

The New Urak Post Office

The micronational headquarters of the United Aethernet Nations
is in New Urak on the Continent of Amphora.

The United Aethernet Nations is part of the Amphoran Postal
Union, and it's stamps are recognized as valid for postage within
the territories of the member states.

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Artistamps, cyberstamps, fantasy stamps,
mail art, digital art.

Visionary art.


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