Monday, September 20, 2010

POW WOW/ A Pictographic Abstraction Based on Studies of Native American Rock Art/ A mixed media painting on paper by Eric Whollem

Pow Wow
by Eric Whollem
mixed media on paper
copyright by the artist

The Big Time

Among the Concow Maidu Indians of Northern California, the
Pow Wow is generally referred to as a 'Big Time.'  I lived off and
on for quite a few years in the Feather Falls area of the north
state. My neighbors were mostly Maidu. Often Ralph Martin, one
of the last native speakers on the ridge, would stay at Frank Jones'
place next door down the road.

I have exhibited my work at a few Pow Wows over the years. Pacific
Western Traders in Folsom, California, invited me to one of their
Native American pow wows back in the 1980's. I remember especially
having some good talks with Stan Padilla, a Yaqui Indian artist who
now lives in the Auburn area. He enjoyed seeing my use of earth
pigments made into paints. Later I saw him exhibiting in the book
room at the Society for California Archaeology. Marija Gimbutas,
the well known feminist anthropologist, was there with us.

I had a workshop at a Pow Wow in the Municipal Auditorium in
Oroville, California, some time ago. I had a workshop on making
paints from earth. There I met Granny Lou Salzarulo, who was
a good friend of Bryan Beavers, now well known as a historian
of the Maidu.


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