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MICRONATION STAMPS/ CYBERSTAMPS FROM THE REPUBLIC OF THE MOON by Eric Whollem/ A souvenir sheet of four FAUX POSTAGE artistamps/ Fantasy SPACE STAMPS from the future

Republic of the Moon
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist

Cyberstamps From the Moon

Excerpts from the Writings of Quantus Qwo
Postmaster General of the Moon

'By the 23rd century by earthly reckoning, the Republic of the Moon
had a fully functional postal administration. Protocommemorative
stamp issues complemented the definitive stamps in common useage.
The Loonese Postal Administration had it's headquarters in Moonton,
the captial city of the Moon.'

Quantus Qwo also writes:

'The monetary system of the Loonese is based on the Quark Standard:
77 Asteris equals 1.22 Megs. Math is done by paramental osmosis
among the educated Loonese.'

Quantus Qwo observes:

'Compact three wheeler Lektrikabs deliver the mail each morning to the
Loonese suburbs. . . Cameos of the Lunar Cinderella appear on the coins
and stamps of the Republic of the Moon, as she is the national allegory of
Liberty. . .The Loonese do not consider themselves colonists, as the Moon
is found in Free Space.'

Micronational Stamps From the Future

On this blog I have previously posted a few artistamps from the
Republic of the Moon. The stamps shown here are a bit different, as
they only exist in Cyberspace, which is to say--on computer file, as
they have not yet been printed on paper.

My earlier editions of Loonese stamps were printed in limited
editions of 100 copies each. I created a stamp book, 'The Republic
of the Moon,' which is now out of print. The book contained
protectively mounted stamps, signed by the artist.

Quantus Qwo failed to mention that these stamps are truly
'protocommemoratives' insofar as they were designed some 
two hundred years or so before they were issued.


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