Friday, September 24, 2010

MERMAID STAMPS/ Mermaid Micronation of Merreminde/ Faux Postage Stamps by Eric Whollem/ A cinderella CYBERSTAMP edition/ DIGITAL ART/ Clean Water For the Planet

 Beckoning From the Sea
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist


Mermaid Stamps by Eric Whollem

Numerous stamps from Mermaid realms can be found on the
links below. Other stamps are on my files and will be published
on my blog from time to time.

A few years back I wrote a book, entitled, 'The Mystery of the
Mermaids: Goddesses and Gods of the Sea.' Mermaids have
appeared in my art since the 1970's. My view of the mermaid
and merman is that they are angelic spirits. The ancient Greeks
regarded the Nereid, or mermaid of the salt sea, as a savior of
sailors lost at sea.

Mermaids of inland places, or the Naiads, are prophetic spirits.
The mermaid on this stamp from Merreminde is a Nereid.

The Selkie, is a Celtic mermaid, conceived of as a shape


More  Mermaid Stamps from Merreminde can be found here:

Mermaid stamps from Undinia can be found on this link:

Mermaid stamps from Amphitritionia can be accessed here:

Mermaid stamps from Delphys are here:

Mermaid Goddess Stamps from Amphora can be found here:


Faux postage, mail art, cyberstamps,
artistamps, fantasy stamps,
micronation stamps.



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