Monday, September 13, 2010

DEER MAN/ Shamanic faux postage stamps from MAIDEM KODOM/ 'Sumi Maidem Kakini' by Eric Whollem/ A CYBERSTAMP from artist stamp creations by Eric Whollem/. . . SPIRIT OF THE DEER MAN

Sumi Maidem Kakini
Maidem Kodom
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist

The Shaman's Role in Society

This faux postage stamp features detail of a painting done in natural
earth paints.

Depicted is the artist's version of Nem Sumi, or Big Deer, from the
Concow Maidu creation story.

A Shaman is a medicine man, or doctor. Among Native Americans
they are tribal leaders, healers, priests, clowns and entertainers.
Each shaman has his own special role in society.

The Grizzly Bear Doctors, however, worked in ways that were feared.
The Black Bear Doctors of the Maidu are the opposite: respected

Concow Maidu doctors are representative of the Kuksu Dream Religion.
The head shaman is called Yeponi.


The English word 'shaman' comes from Central Asian cultures. In
Central Asia 'samana' is the term used. Today this term has general
useage around the world. The French writer, Mircea Eliade, wrote
a pivotal work entitled, 'Shamanism,' which describes Russian studies
of Central Asian cultures, such as the Chuckchee, the Yakut, the Buriat,
and other shamanically based societies of the Altai region.


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