Thursday, September 16, 2010

CONCOW MAIDU FAUX POSTAGE/ 'Yeponi' by Eric Whollem/ Cinderella artist stamps from the micronation of Maidem Kodom: Mooretown Provisional Postage/ A CYBERSTAMP EDITION/ Shamanic Art/ EARTH PAINTING

Maidem Kodom
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist

A Sheet of Faux Postage Stamps From Maidem Kodom

These stamps are fantasy micronation stamps from Maidem Kodom,
'The Country of the People.'  They are not real postage stamps, but
what are called 'artistamps.'  Many stamp hobbyists who are artists
enjoy creating such fantasy editions.

However these stamps are based on a real culture--that of the Concow
Maidu Indians of Butte County, California. The Concow are divided
into a number of tribal authorities. I lived on the old Mooretown
Rancheria off and  on for thirty-five years, so am well acquainted
with a number of families from the Feather Falls area. Mooretown
is the name of a former logging town that existed on Mooretown
Ridge. There is a modern Mooretown Rancheria in Oroville today
which took it's name from the original site in Feather Falls.

My own faux postage Mooretown Post Office exists only in an
artistic sense. These are not rancheria or 'reservation'  stamps. This
multiplicity of  'Mooretowns' may be confusing to some. Hopefully
I have explained what I am doing artistically.

The dollar denomination of these stamps is an artistic convention,
typical of faux postage stamps, and does not reflect any money
gathered for real postal useage, of course.

These stamps are faux 'provisional' stamps. Check out Wikipedia for
their articles on Artistamps and also Micronations, if you want
further information on this creative genre of art.


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