Friday, September 17, 2010

Concow Maidu Culture/ OOTI the acorn/ ARTIST POSTER STAMPS by Eric Whollem/ Faux postage from the micronation of Maidem Kodom/ A cinderella CYBERSTAMP from the MOORETOWN POST OFFICE

Maidem Kodom
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist

One Feather Postage From the Country of the People

Maidem Kodom is my name for the 'postal system' that has issued
these faux postage stamps. Maidem Kodom means 'Country of the
People.'  This postal system is, of course, an extenstion of my artistic
imagination and has no real connection to any tribal authority.

Poster stamps are stamps that are an advertisement for something.
These stamps are, of course, a promotion for my art. . . relating to
the public my interest in and interactions with the Concow Maidu
Indians of Mooretown Ridge in the Feather Falls area of Butte County,

Poster stamps began as a genre of stamps in the late 19th century and
were popular up until the 1940's. Stamp collectors categorize them as
a subvariety of 'cinderella stamps.'


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