Friday, September 24, 2010

THE AGE OF AQUARIUS/ A faux postage stamp from the United Aethernet Nations/ 'The Waterbearer' by Eric Whollem/ Digital visionary art/ CINDERELLA CYBERSTAMP EDITIONS/ New Age Artist Stamps

The Waterbearer
United Aethernet Nations
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist

The Waterbearer: The Sign of Aquarius

According to astrologers we are entering on the Age of Aquarius.
The 'Waterbearer' is a symbol of the Aquarian Age.

I have developed a faux postage concept surrounding the United
Aethernet Nations, a micronational organization dedicated to
the betterment of conditions on earth.

Many metaphysical thinkers regard the coming planetary alignment
of our solar system with a portal to a New Age. . .of advanced
communications and increased interconnectedness among mankind.

See my stamp issues from the United Aethernet Nations for more
of my interpretations of the current metaphysical milieu.


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