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A METAPHYSICAL ARTIST STAMP/ 'Portal of the Seasky' by Eric Whollem/ The lore of the 'seasky' from mythology/ A cinderella CYBERSTAMP from Amphora, the Continent of the Future/ FAUX POSTAGE MYTHOPOETIC MERMAID ART

Portal of the Seasky
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist

The Seasky in World Folklore

The legends of the world about in mystic interfusions of the
elements of nature. The concept of the Sea Sky stems back at
least as far as ancient Sumeria, where astrologers of old conceived
the starry sky of night to be a great ocean.

Many of the constellations have aquatic themes. And the signs of
the Zodiac are frequently aquatic in nature. Sagittarius, for
example was originally a centaur with a fish's tail. Aries, the Ram,
is acutally a Sea Ram, as the lore of the ancients tells of how the
moon was the spindle of the Weavers, those mermaid Goddesses
now referred to as the Fates; the wool of the sea was the wool of
the Sea Ram. The first known Sea Ram was Ea, whom the
Mesopotamians depicted as a ram with a fish's tail. Heimdall is the
Sea Ram of the Scandinavians.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, who is Aphrodite, Goddess of the Sea.
Cancer is the crab, a sea creature. Pisces is two fish. Capricorn
is the Sea Ram once again. The various signs, though not all
obviously aquatic have their positions in the Sea Sky.


In Celtic lore, the heavenworld was called Emania, the land of
Sun and Moon, and was said to exist in the sea--an interfusion of
sea and sky. The Welsh called the Sea Sky Annwn.

The Egyptians worshipped the Heavenly Nile of the north, symbolized
by the Fish constellation at the North Pole. And the Hindus place
the constellation of Sisumara, the Porpoise at the North Pole.'

These stamps are parcel of my ongoing inquiries into mythology via
the mythopoetic vehicle of imagination.

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