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FAUX POSTAGE STAMPS FROM LEMURIA/ The Bering Straits Land Bridge/ The Reed Boat People of Tule Lake/ A FANTASY CYBERSTAMP FROM LEMURIA/ 'The Sylph'/ Cinderella stamps by Eric Whollem

The Sylph
Lemurian Postal Administration
by Eric Whollem
Copyright by the artist

A Cinderella Stamp From Lemuria With a Map of a Portion of Eastern Lemuria in What is Now Northern California Near Mt. Shasta

About 50,000 years ago the first Native Americans entered the
continent of North America. It is said that they crossed the Bering
Straits near Alaska along what may have been a temporary
geological land bridge.

Esoteric theories about the Lost Continent of Lemuria relate that
Lemuria sank--either through volcanic activity or earthquakes about
50,000 years ago.

Was the migration from Asia to America a migration of peoples from


After centuries of settling in the continents of North and South
America, the indigenous Indian populations made many migrations
across the land. One such migration was that of the Reed Boat People:
the builders of boats made of bundles of reeds, as were used in Peru
as well as ancient Egypt.

In California some archaeologists posit that the Penutian peoples of
California were originally Reed Boat People related to the Mayans.
When the Spanish first saw San Francisco Bay it was filled with such

The inland rivers of California were navigated by the Reed Boat
People. The map on the stamp on this post shows Tule Lake north
of Mt. Shasta. It was an inland waterway, much larger in the old
days. The reed boats would go out into the lake where Native
Americans would carve petroglyphs on the rocky islands in the lake.
This is the oldest rock art in California, dated about 10,000 years
ago, which places it in the late Altantean period.

The Australian epigrapher Barry Fell in his book, 'America B.C.'
gives us a comprehensive overview of pictographs and petroglyphs
that may indicate transoceanic migrations of peoples from
Carthage, Phoenicia, Libya, Ireland and elsewhere into America.

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The Native American word, 'Tacoma,' which means 'Mother of Waters,'
has been applied to Mt. Ranier in Washington as well as to Mt. Shasta.
The accuracy of this name is in doubt. But writers have used it to describe
Shasta. There is an ongoing controversy over the name Tacoma--and it
appears as late as 1940 on postcards of Mt. Ranier.

Shasta used to be a huge stratavolcano in ancient times. 300,000 year ago
it was an antediluvian giant--this is long before the era of the Lemurians.

Thus my use of the name here is literary rather than geological or


This stamp and it's short blurb in the selvage of the stamp sheet gives us
cursory highlights of the mystical history of Mt. Shasta, which many people
believe to be a spiritual center for the descendents of migrating peoples
from the lost continent of Lemuria.

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