Monday, August 16, 2010

THE DRAGON BOAT/ A miniature sheet of four cinderella stamps from the micronation of Undinia/ MERMAID ART/ Cyberstamps by Eric Whollem/ Faux Postage Stamps From the Royal Undinian Maritime Postal Authority

The Dragon Boat
by Eric Whollem
Copyright by the artist

Stamp Duty As Conceived by the Royal Undinian Navy

The Undinians take their postal system very seriously as you
can see here. 'Stamp Duty' is parcel of daily life in Undinia, where
the mail system relies on the Navy for delivery services. This is
because most of the population of Undinia lives underwater, being
a nation of mermaids and mermen.

These matters may or may not ever appear in a cultural  article in
Wikipedia, as few on the internet know about Undinia (except those
of you who have surfed this far). Surfer philatelists should be among the
most avid collectors of Undinian stamps thus far published in cyberspace.
These are CYBERSTAMPS and as such belong to the genre of phantom
cinderella material. Such collecting is generally manifest in  Mental Stamp
Albums, filed on the shelves of the Library of Imagination, housed now in
Merrow, a coatal city of  northern Undinia.

The Postmistress of Undinia is not especially happy that I have l
linked their postal issues to the concept of 'faux postage' as Navy
regulations make the matter of  national 'Stamp Duty'  one of import.
Nevertheless the Undinians are not a warlike micronation, and their
Navy is an agency guided in an enlightened way under the principle of
national defense, providing through the Undinian Mermaid Philatelic
Agency these aethernet creations: the stamps of Undinia.


See what Wikipedia has to say on stamp duty, and you
will realize that the Undinians have taken the concept to a higher level, where the duty of
every loyal citizen is to utilize stamps not only for documentary revenue, but to enhance
national culture through postal activity:

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