Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AN ARTIST STAMP FROM AMPHORA/ 'Devi Uma'/ Hindu Goddess Art/ FIGURATIVE CERAMIC CREATIONS by Eric Whollem/ A single stamp from a sheet of six faux postage stamps/ THE MICRONATION OF AMPHORA

Devi Uma
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist

The Micronation of Amphora Issues Cyberstamp Editions of Designs From 2009

Amphora is styled as 'The Continent of the Future,' being my symbol
of the Aquarian Age. 'Amphora' is the old name in astrology for the sign
of Aquarius.


See my stamps from Amphora on this link:

My early issues of Amphoran stamps were printed in limited editions of 100.
The stamp above is a 'cyberstamp,' having existence only as a computer file at this time.

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