Monday, July 12, 2010

SHAMBHALA NOR PROVISIONAL POSTAL SERVICES/ Kalapa Post Office/ CYBERSTAMPS/ A strip of three faux postage stamps from a sheet of cyberstamps from the micronation of Shambhala Nor/ JNANASAGARA: Oceanic Goddess/ Digital art from Eric Whollem's 'Digital Fauvism' Series

Shambhala Nor Postal Services
by Eric Whollem
Copyright by the artist

Jnanasagara, Sea Wisdom, Ye-shes m'tsorgyal

These stamps depict the Tibetan female teacher Ye-shes
m'tsorgyal, who was one of the great interpreters of Dakini
wisdom in Tibet.

Her name means 'Sea Wisdom,' and is rendered in Sanskrit
as Jnanasagara.

Her writings contain in part a description of how King
Kalki of Shambhala will arise to restore Buddhism from
the ravages of the barbarians.

For more about Jnanasagara, Kalki, and the legend of Shambhala, see my post:

Artist stamps, artistamps, cinderella stamps, cyberstamps, faux postage, fantasy stamps, mail art, micronation stamps by Eric Whollem. Digital art, serial art, Buddhist American Folk Art.

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