Saturday, July 31, 2010

THE LEGEND OF SYRINX/ A faux postage stamp by Eric Whollem/ CYBERSTAMPS/ Fairy art from the micronation of Urissakzillia/ GREEK MYTHOLOGY/ Nymphs, Fates, Fairies, & the Fata Morgana


Republika Urissakzillia
by Eric Whollem
copyright by the artist

Urissakzillia Celebrates Greek Mythology With a Stamp of Syrinx, Nymph of the Reeds

The nymphs of  Greek myth could well be considered a sort of fairy.
The term fairy itself is one that has numerous connotations. The term
fairy seems to stem from the Greek 'Fates.'  In later legends from the
north of Europe, lore of the Fata Morgana arose. These were the
oracular spirits of the marshes.

The tale of Syrinx deals with the reeds that became the flute of Pan.


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