Thursday, July 29, 2010

FAIRYLAND FAUX POSTAGE STAMPS/ 'Little Leaf'/ A miniature sheet of four CYBERSTAMPS from the micronation of Fairyland/ SERIAL DIGITAL ART by Eric Whollem/ FAIRY ART

Little Leaf
by Eric Whollem
Copyright by the artist

Fairy Stamps by Eric Whollem

This small sheet of stamps was designed in 2009, but I decided to
issue it in Cyberstamp format here in 2010. Cyberstamps, by one
definintion, are artistamps that exist not on paper, but only on
computer file.

If there arose public interest in obtaining gummed and perforated
editions of these or any other Cyberstamps shown on this blog, I
might print a few if the time seemed right.

Email me if interested in my stamps, or have any questions regarding
my art in general. (Please use your normal email server).

Artistamps, artist stamps, cinderella stamps, cyberstamps, fantasy stamps, faux postage, mail art, micronation stamps. Digital art.

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