Thursday, July 29, 2010

FAIRYLAND FAUX POSTAGE/ 'Little Leaf'/ A stamp from a minisheet of four CYBERSTAMPS/ Digital Art/ FAIRY ART

Little Leaf
Fairyland Etheric Postal Service
by Eric Whollem
Copyright by the artist

A Cyberstamp From the Etheric Postal Service of Fairyland

There are many artists and writers who have utilized the name
'Fairyland,' and as such one can see that it is a popular designation.
One cannot copyright such a general idea. So each of us has had his
or her interpretation.

Atlantis is another land which has seen quite a few cinderella stamps,
each rendered in different styles, in accordance with the taste and
imagination of their respective creators.

Many of my stamp issuing countries are versions of Fairyland. This
includes Urissakzillia, Cantharidia, and Shambhala Nor (which is a
realm of Tibetan Dakinis--an order of Asiatic fairy). And a variety
of my micronations are mermaid in orientation, which would place
them in a special category related to the fairies, that of the undines,
selkies, and other aquatic fairies.

My mermaid realms include Amphora, Ampitritonia, Delphys,
Merreminde, and Undinia. The first three have had samples of their
stamps appear on this blog.

See this article for more information on fantasy postage stamps:

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This website is entitled 'Ask Me About Cinderella Stamps.'

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