Friday, July 2, 2010

CANTHARIDIAN ARTIST STAMPS/ The Selkie/ CYBERSTAMPS/ a block of four stamps from a sheet of sixteen faux postage mermaid stamps promoting the visualization of Clean Water For the Planet

The Selkie
Cantharidian Royal Post Office
by Eric Whollem
Copyright by the artist

Cyberstamps From Cantharidia

A cyberstamp is a stamp that exists only on a computer file,
being unissued in physical format. The genre is related to that
of artistamps, being a form of faux postage or cinderella material.

These stamps are from a sheet of sixteen; they are examples of
digital art.

The stamps of Cantharidia, a micronation of which Eric Whollem
is postmaster general, are dedicated to visualizations of Clean
Water for the Planet.

Artist stamps, artistamps, cinderella stamps, fantasy stamps, faux postage, mail art, micronation stamps; mermaid art.

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