Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ARTISTAMPS FROM URISSAKZILLIA/ A souvenir sheet of CYBERSTAMPS from the fairy Republic of Urissakzillia/ FAUX POSTAGE FROM THE URISSAKZILLIAN MINT/ Digital Art by Eric Whollem/ DIGITAL FAUVISM

Bearing the Posie
Republika Urissakzillia
by Eric Whollem
Copyright by the artist


This series of stamps from the micronation of Urissakzillia features
the logos of the Urissakzillian Postal Administration: 'Postika Officici.'

The blue, black and white flag of Urissakzillia appears in this souvenir
sheet's margins.

And the Coat of Arms of the Urissakzillian Republic appears in the
lower left hand corner.

To see what lengths artist creators of stamps will go to generate a complete ambience
for their fantasy countries, check out this link:

The above page depicts stamps from 'Laernu.'

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