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ARTISTAMPS FROM URISSAKZILLIA/ A Fairy Stamp From the Micronation: Republika Urissakzillia/ 'The Etheric and the Realm of Cyberspace: Philosophical Issues With Cinderella Stamps'/ DIGITAL SERIAL ART/ fairy art stamps by Eric Whollem/ With appended comments on' Hilary Daniel's Pharos and the Subaquatic Island Homes of the Fairies'/ A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF CINDERELLA STAMPS AND FOLKLORE

Bearing the Posie
Republika Urissakzillia
by Eric Whollem
Copyright by the artist

The Etheric and the Realm of Cyberspace

The posie that is born by the fairy depicted on this cinderella stamp
from Urissakzillia represents the highest hope of the inhabitants of
the Etheric World. This region is the dwelling of the fairy folk, whose
stamps are in part represented by the issues of the Urissakzillian
Post Office.

The stamps of Urissakzillia exist in Cyberspace, which could be
interpreted on one level, as having no physical correspondance.
Similarly the Etheric World escapes the strictures of mere

Thus philosophically the people of Urissakzillia have found comfort
in the Cyberstamp medium, as opposed to the merely tangible
cinderella stamp, or those faux postage issues weighed down with
gum or other adhesions to materiality.


Those interested in another artist's description of his fantasy stamp realm,
I direct to this link, which describes Hilary Daniel's micronation of Pharos:

Traditionally the world of fairies has been described in British and Celtic lore as
associated with mystic islands 'beneath' the sea. Daniel's cinderella material thus
is well thought out in terms of his comprehension of folklore. The Hawaiian Islanders
have similar legends of islands beneath the sea, inhabited by their archetypical gods
and goddesses.


Avalon, the famous island realm from Arthurian Romance, is well known as
the 'Apple Island.' It was an island that was said to be able to sink into the sea
and rise again to the surface.

The apple in Celtic lore is a symbol of the human soul. Mananaan McLer, the
Son of the Sea King, was said to drive a chariot across the sea, graced with
apple boughs.

The Nidhog, or Sea Pig, is a mythic being from Celtic lore, which is said to
be a consumer of apples. These apples are no doubt the souls of mankind,
which consumed by the Nidhog, then proceed to Emania, the Otherworld or
Heaven beneath the sea.

Nine mermaid goddesses are said to attend cauldrons at the bottom of the
sea. These are the wombs of reincarnating humanity.

See more about Avalon on wikipedia:

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