Sunday, July 25, 2010

ARTISTAMPS FROM URISSAKZILLIA/ 'Bearing the Posie'/ CYBERSTAMPS/ 'The Philatelic Politics of Urissakzillia'/ A 5 Kronik faux postage stamp from the micronation of Urissakzillia/ DIGITAL ART/ Fairy Art by Eric Whollem

Bearing the Posie
Republika Urissakzillia
by Eric Whollem
Copyright by the artist

The Philatelic Politics of Urissakzillia

The stamps of Urissakzillia are a bit different than many stamps
from other fairy realms in that they are from a fairy republic. This
republic has a parliament of elected delegates and a constitution.
Fairy royalty had overdone the court jester bit, and the fairies of
this Eronyk republic needed the respite of neurotypical activities,
among which paying their bills on time, corresponding to neglected
relatives, and sending out inquiries to mail order catalogs were
deemed suitable.


Things are not going totally as hoped in Urissakzillia, insofar as
junk mail has appeared in the mail boxes of the populace. A very
unexpected turn. What shocks the fairy sensibilitiy is the dull design
of bulk rate meters found on much of this junk mail from other

The parliament of Urissakzillia has thus outlawed mail with
preprinted meters, and other offensive and philatelically destitute
material. The result is that all mail from Urissakzillia is franked
with attractive stamps, hand cancelled by clerks in the postal
system. This has greatly reduced unemployment problems and
made Urissakzillia the envy of the human world, or at least has
convinced the average Urissak that their republic might stand
as a good example to Humankind, whose tedious stamps are
an irritation to all good collectors of cinderella material.

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