Monday, May 10, 2010

FISH OF THE MAGIC/ gouache resist with wax medium and plastic emulsion on paper/ A PICTOGRAPHIC ABSTRACTION

              Fish of the Magic
              by Eric Whollem
              Collection of the artist
              9" x 6"
                      Copyright by the artist

A Visionary Fantasy

A number of people have told me that this painting
reminds them of the Beatles' animated film, "Yellow
Submarine."  I saw that film when I was in college.

Back in those days you had to go to a theatre to see a
new feature. No VCRs, no DVDs, but at least you could
still make a phone call for a dime. There is always
give and take, advantage and disadvantage to 

This work is based on soapstone carvings that I had
been making from chunks I had gathered up near
Camp Eighteen in Feather Falls.

A figurative abstraction.


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